Eliminator Flare Purge Station
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Economizer Flare Purge Station

We like to highlight one of our products, the Caron Controls Eliminator Flare Purge Station. This product combines all the necessary equipment for accurate flare system purge rates into a compact easy to mount package.

Why do I need this?

Inadequate flare purge rates present a serious safety hazard and could lead to catastrophic flashback. Too high of a purge rate is a waste of valuable fuel gas and is environmentally irresponsible. This is where the Caron Controls Eliminator Flare Purge Station can help. With set points and adjustments clearly marked, operations staff can easily and quickly maintain accurate purge volumes to maximize safety and minimize excessive fuel gas use.

Meters are sized to order and the whole system is designed to meet customer specifications. The meter is mounted on an aluminum panel that includes a metering valve, regulator, gauge and fade resistance lamacoids. Carbon steel supports are added for easy mounting to structural supports.

How can I get one?

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